Fall has arrived


Fall is my absolute favorite season of them all.  There is something about the rich, deep colors in the leaves and the ground, the sound of the whistle blowing on a football field, the crispness in the air, the sweatshirts and shorts outfit paired with some Uggs, the aroma of apples and pumpkins that just makes me a happy girl. (yes, lots of things make me happy this time of year!)

Growing up in California, I really never experienced a true real Fall.  Once I moved to Tennessee I was able to experience it and fell in love with the season even more.  Everything around you changes; you feel that to keep up then part of you needs to change with it.

Take some time and get out and do something “Fall-y”; take a hayride, walk in a pile of leaves, grab some apple cider, go apple picking, decorate with pumpkins and haybales.  My happy place is a camera in my hands and Fall landscapes are one of my all-time favorite things to photograph.  The rich colors and beauty of the season completely shine through the camera lens.

Have a wonderful Fall and just think, Christmas is right around the corner!!


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