Vote 2016

Yes, it happened.  The historic election of 2016 is over and wow, was a doozy.  Who would’ve saw it coming; Trump DID ‘trump’ Hillary Clinton!  No woman President for the United States.  Am I happy?  Damn right I am.

I’ve never liked Hillary back since she was a First Lady.  I never saw anything extraordinary that she did as a First Lady and I knew that as a leader of this country she would take us down.  Am I strongly into politics?  No.  I’ve always voted for who I like and want; I’ve never stuck to the party that I am registered with.  I am not a staunch Republican nor a staunch Democrat.  I am an American and want to see good things with this country.  We have gone through hell for the past 8 years.  Everyone wanted to see history and put a colored person in the White House. Well, look where that has gotten us! Now people wanted to make history again and have a woman there.  Yes I am a woman but no, I’ve never been into the ‘whatever a man can do a woman can do’ motto.  I don’t care about a woman being President.  And I sure knew we didn’t need another Democrat to continue Obama’s leadership for another 4 if not 8 years more.  We didn’t need someone in the Oval Office who LIES to cover her butt.  Yes, she IS responsible for those soldiers death in Benghazi.  Yes, she DID delete all those emails to cover herself and lies about it.  She lied last week talking crap about Trump saying how he calls people names and she doesn’t.  Did she forget that she called his supporters “deplorables”?? That’s name calling, sweetheart.  That might even be a form of bullying.  She was a proven liar right there that she doesn’t call people names.  The economy is tanking.  We need a strong businessman to help get us out of it.  Donald Trump has done that with the Trump Organization.  He is a man that can use his business ethics to help this country.  He has more than enough money that he can’t be bought like she would.  He cares about Veterans that are somehow sadly forgotten.  She feels it’s acceptable to have illegals come into this country and get free health care while someone I know has gone from $600/mo to over $2000/mo for healthcare for his family.  And she finds that acceptable???  I have worked since I was 16.  I was born here.  So why do I and every other American have to struggle while standing back and watching someone come here that cannot even speak our language and get whatever they want with no questions asked for free?  Explain to me why this woman found it ok to have someone come in this country, have a baby, not pay for it, the baby automatically becomes an American and due to that she doesn’t have to work and can collect food stamps?  Is it free?  No, we pay for it with our paycheck.  And that’s who people wanted in the White House??   Well, she lost so thankfully that isn’t going to continue on.

You can say what you want but I for one am happy about this upset.  It was definitely something that the media led us to believe wouldn’t happen; Crooked Hillary was going to win.  Well, she can eat her crow and go boss around her husband at home because her days of bossing around the People of the United States won’t happen.

Make America Great Again!!


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